The 100 Review : Twilight’s Last Gleaming

The 100 Review : Twilight’s Last Gleaming


Raven makes it safely to Earth where she is reunited with Finn, to Clarke’s dismay. In space, the council has approved the culling and Abby decides to take drastic action. Raven and Clarke devise a plan to let the Ark there are still survivors on Earth.


Well that got pretty bleak didn’t it? On the plus side though which was a massive step up from the mediocrity of last weeks episode which was a relief especially as things started out on the wrong foot. Watching Clarke and Finn making couple small talk with horrid lines “I wanted it to be you” made me instantly want to find someone else to review this. They were hyped up in that scene as a big romance that has been building for an eternity when in actual fact they had a bit of a flirt and then took it up a level. That is essentially the be all and end all with these two and there was a real concern that we were going to be put straight into love triangle mode with Raven’s arrival of the planet but thankfully they actually had Clarke accept Finn’s quite rational explanation that he thought he would never see Raven again and attempt to move on without too much melodrama. For this I am grateful as there was a lot of things to like this episode, and most of it taking place with the grown ups on the arc who just murdered a bunch of their own people by shutting off the oxygen in a certain part of the station.

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This was all powerful stuff and admittedly I didn’t think the show would have the balls to go through with it let alone shows us the bodies after they had all passed away. Now sure this was essentially a bunch of nobodies that we watched die which lessens the impact somewhat but cleverly they did give us a familiar face to follow throughout the episode, and they gave him a family and a quick witted cute daughter to boot and it is through Lemkin that the reality of the situation his home. He is a likeable guy too so watching him not only be first up to give his life for his family but to see the goodbyes puts the viewer in the right place to fully invest in him and all the others in the process. Even Kane was humanised as a result of all this and this did wonders for his character as getting to know him and his motivations really help, I’ve not particularly enjoyed the character thus far and given my love of Cusick it’s been a shame.

the 100 review : twilights last gleaming

On the Earth Raven really adds some much needed energy to the group and she instantly changes the dynamic of all of them. Things were frustrating at first though with Bellamy destroying the radio being such an irritating moment, as was the totally contrived notion of him sharing the bed with two women because he’s all… like evil and stuff. He’s such a wildly inconsistent written character at times and Bob Morley is a more than capable actor who deserves better material. And while getting everyone together to build and fire the rockets was nice (although I’m not totally sold on how they managed it) it was a bit of a jump from having them all be blood thirsty mobs wanting to hang someone last week to standing round the rockets like they were at a firework display this week, en mass these guys need some consistency too! Great ending by the way, it’s about time we got to learn a bit more about the natives and it looks like next week we may finally get the chance!


Lemkin : Anyway you do the math some of us gonna have to jump ship if everyone’s going to make it. I’m gonna jump


The scenes on the ark far outweigh the ones on the ground and the show goes to some dark places that this reviewer didn’t think they would actually go to

3.5 Stars